Dulcimer World Congress October 2015

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The Dulcimer World Congress’ first major event is the organisation of a Congress in conjunction with the Cimbalom World Association, the Dulcimer World Congress 2015.

This event will attract professional musicians, teachers, students, musicologists, instrument makers and other people interested in this family of instruments from all over the world. The programme of the event will consist of performances, lectures and demonstrations by the attendees.

The venue is Malvern St. James School, Great Malvern. The event will be preceded by the UK Nonsuch Dulcimer Club’s annual weekend. 

The dates are:-

  • Friday 23rd October (evening) to Sunday 25th October (afternoon) Nonsuch Dulcimer Club Annual Weekend 2015.
  • Sunday 25th October (afternoon) – Monday 26th October (afternoon) Preparation Day
  • Monday 26th October (evening) – Friday 30th October (morning) Dulcimer World Congress 2015.
  • Friday 30th October  - Optional Sightseeing Day for some attendees. Some attendees depart.
  • Saturday 31st October - All depart

Applications for residential places close on 25th September 2015.

For More Information download the latest information below:-


Dulcimer World Congress 2015 Latest Information
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